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Tax Compliance Services

    • Preparing Monthly Income Tax Return Articles 21,22,23,25 and Final Income Tax Article 4(2) and Monthly Value Added Tax Return
    • Presenting Tax Review

Tax Corporate Services

    • Preparing Annual Corporate Income Tax Return
    • Assisting companies in Value Added Tax and Income Tax Restitution
    • Assisting companies in Tax Verification, Tax Objection, and Tax Appeals

Accounting Services

    • Preparing Financial Statements of companies/individuals
    • Presenting Accounting Review, checking if recorded accounting entries are correct and accordance with the established accounting standards in Indonesia

Individual Income Tax Services

    • Preparing Individual Income Tax Return
    • Assisting in Administration of Monthly Income Tax Article 25
    • Giving assistance in Tax Verification, Tax Objection, and Tax Revocation process

Payroll Outsourcing Services

    • Calculating Monthly Income Tax Article 21 for employees
    • Assisting in Administration of monthly payroll